• MS8911 SMD Tester (R/L/C)

MS8911 SMD Tester (R/L/C)

The MS8911 SMD Tester is a professional instrument for measuring inductance, capacitance and resistance. It has many features, such as automatic identification, automatic measurement range, high measurement accuracy and speed, and wide measuring range.

An ordinary multimeter only provides DC mode for resistance measurements, while the MS8911 provides both AC and DC measurement modes. A variaty of test frequencies up to 10kHz can be provided for inductance, capacitance and resistance in AC mode to meet the actual needs better.


  • Display 6000 counts
  • Auto & Manual ranging
  • Auto power off
  • Data hold
  • Low battery Display
  • Auto scanning
  • Inductance: 600uH - 200H
  • Capacitance: 600pF - 6mF
  • Resistance: 60ohm - 20Mohm


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MS8911 SMD Tester (R/L/C)

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