• Solder Paste Lead Free 50g Tub

Solder Paste Lead Free 50g Tub

50g Lead Free Solder Paste supplied in a small jar, just the right amount for hobby and prototyping requirements.

LOCTITE GC 10 is a halogen free, zero halogens added, no-clean, low voiding, Pb-free solder paste specially formulated to provide added long term stability over a wide range of temperature conditions. The enhanced paste stability created through its novel formulation strategy increases both field application yields and on-line paste utilization.

LOCTITE GC 10 also shows excellent solderability when reflowed in both air and nitrogen across a wide range of challenging surface finishes and component metallizations including immersion Ag, OSP-Cu, ENIG and CuNiZn. It supports excellent reflow to overcome industry wide HiP and NWO challenges. The new flux chemistry protects the solder joint longer, improves coalescence and optimizes wetting performance, allowing for very shiny solder joints.


  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Maximum shelf life of one year below 26.5deg
  • No thaw required
  • Temperature stable
  • Halogen free, low voiding, no-clean
  • Lead free providing long term stability
  • 50g net weight

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Solder Paste Lead Free 50g Tub

  • R 360.00

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